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  • Konica Minolta’s Importance of Innovation

    , Director, Solutions Engineering and Planning


    We hear a lot about the importance of innovation. Developing creative-thinking approaches to customer challenges is driving the marketplace today, and using advanced technology to create out-of-the-box solutions has become the foundation for companies’ economic growth and sustainability throughout the world.

    But what does all of this mean for Konica Minolta? How can we keep our industry innovation leadership within a relatively mature market space?

    Our Solutions Engineering Center (SEC) has been at the forefront of creating and developing industry-leading solutions. Part of the Business Intelligence Services group, the SEC is based in Windsor, CT, and Ramsey, NJ, and is tasked with delivering differentiated value to our customers every day. Our spirit of innovation infuses everything we do: from our product offerings and incubation projects, to the engineering-level professional services we provide.

    In keeping with this commitment, we created the bizhub MarketPlace as a way to provide extra value to the overall user experience of Konica Minolta multifunction printers. Initially conceived as a platform similar to other app stores, bizhub MarketPlace apps were designed to add and/or extend further functionality to the MFP at an attractive price.

    But then we took it a step further. We collaborated with our parent company Konica Minolta Inc. to launch and support the bizhub MarketPlace Chameleon feature set – a truly unique offering that transforms the MFP from hardware into a personalized and integral part of a company’s overall ecosystem.

    With bizhub MarketPlace Chameleon, we offer something that our competitors only strive for: MFP User Interface personalization with global centralized management. An easy-to-use web-based tool allows you to quickly create customized MFP User Interfaces (UI) that group together only the controls needed to get a particular job done. These streamlined UIs can reduce the number of button pushes at the MFP, a common concern of our prospects. For instance, grouping the functions to scan, email and file a document. Similarly, company logos, images and colors can be added to the MFP User Interface to best match a company’s branding and corporate culture. Customers can choose to use one of the many MFP UIs available on the bizhub MarketPlace, edit an existing UI, and/or even create their own new UIs.

    And that’s not all. Keeping the needs of the enterprise in mind, we added centralized control features as well. Now, custom MFP UIs and apps can be quickly and efficiently installed and managed from the bizhub MarketPlace website, eliminating the need for a technician to visit each MFP individually.

    Since its launch last year, bizhub MarketPlace Chameleon has generated a tremendous amount of buzz and excitement. Analysts are taking note at the exceptional, innovative solutions that we are designing. Buyers Laboratory (BLI) recognized our company with the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Innovation: Konica Minolta bizhub Marketplace Chameleon,” impressed with the concrete benefits to the customer that these features offer. Given the fierce competition in the market these days, this recognition really makes us stand out from the crowd!

    To keep our competitive edge in the marketplace, we need to all work together to continue to develop and offer advanced solutions to address and even anticipate our customers’ needs. In this way, Konica Minolta will continue to lead the way in innovation and excellence.

    From Our Experts, Solutions, Technology

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    ECM Expels Outdated Processes in Higher Education

    , President, Enterprise Content Management

    ECM Education Blog Image

    Many schools and universities struggle with outdated processes and low-value tasks that contribute to inefficiency. It really takes a toll on an educational institution’s performance, affecting employee productivity and quality of service. So, the question is: What can be done to remedy this? (more…)

    From Our Experts, Solutions, Technology

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    Creating Innovation in Telemedicine Technology

    , Education Practice Director, All Covered
    Members of the Healthcare Advisory Council provide insightful feedback into Konica Minolta’s healthcare strategy.


    This past week, the Business Innovation Center launched a telemedicine pilot – BIC Health Innovation – based on months of customer discussions and market validation. Our key customer feedback derived from our Healthcare Advisory Council. The HAC, composed of 12 distinguished healthcare experts and 13 Konica Minolta executives and leaders, provides insightful feedback into our healthcare strategy and continues the dialogue about evolving opportunity in the industry.

    At our second HAC meeting, we focused on going deeper into the areas that were identified in August’s inaugural meeting. Specially, we focused on validating the need for a top-tier telemedicine solution that could be supported using Konica Minolta’s existing expertise in healthcare.

    Telemedicine is transforming the healthcare industry by expanding traditional communication methods and interactions. For patients, getting expert medical advice used to require a visit to the doctor’s office. Now, it only requires a smart device and Internet connection. Telemedicine offers an opportunity for improved access to expert providers and significant cost reductions.  It further enables providers to efficiently expand care and improve outcomes through improved connectivity and consistency.

    Based on the positive response from the HAC leaders, we launched our telemedicine pilot in partnership with the award-winning solution by SnapMD. With seamless connectivity, flexible integrations, and improved efficiency, our telemedicine platform enables providers to connect more and manage less. The initial market reaction has been very positive, with articles featured in Healthcare IT News, MedCity News, Mobile Health Times, and several others. Currently, we are exploring pilots with more than 30 health systems.

    While our BIC healthcare solutions portfolio already boasts promising technologies, including solutions for advanced imaging and enterprise patient communications, adding healthcare solutions like telemedicine is only the beginning. We are continuing to drive customer-centric innovation, led by the HAC in the health industry. We have signaled to the industry that Konica Minolta is here to provide the solutions that will support our customers in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

    From Our Experts, Solutions

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    EcoVision 2050: Our Planet Needs Us

    , Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence Services and Product Planning


    The Earth gives us everything: food, shelter, water. Life.

    And what do we give it in return? Year after year, we pollute our land and our oceans. We decimate our forests. We emit greenhouse gases.

    But the future isn’t so dire. With just a little effort from each of us, we can help our planet.

    We can recycle. We can reduce our carbon footprint. We can develop green technology. At Konica Minolta, preserving our planet is part of our business. It is also part of our philosophy: Creating new value for our customers and our society. To create this value, we have a long-term environmental action plan. Called Eco Vision 2050, it guides us to achieve our corporate citizenship goals and fulfill our responsibility as a global corporation.

    We have three goals under EcoVision 2050.  First, we will reduce CO2 emissions throughout our product life cycle by 80 percent by 2050, compared to 2005 levels. We will also reduce CO2 emissions at our production facilities through our Green Factory Certification system. To date, we’ve achieved a 12 percent reduction in CO2 emissions but are striving for a 20 percent reduction. Second, we will promote recycling and effective use of the Earth’s limited resources. Third, we will work to promote restoration and preservation of biodiversity.

    Our  commitment goes even further than our front door. We’re helping our customers save energy and reduce waste, too. Our optimized print services enable our customers to reduce document waste and print costs. Our Clean Planet recycling program realizes zero waste by keeping consumables out of landfills and incinerators.

    Our commitment is not just global. It’s also local. Through our membership with Two Sides, we educate communities about the importance of sustainable forestry and eco-friendly paper goods. Through our partnership with schools and universities, we teach students about the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and the environment. Through our donation, the Thielke Arboretum Environmental Education Center in Glen Rock, N.J., will be built to allow for year-round science and environmental programming.

    Because of our commitment, we have been honored with numerous national and global awards, including inclusion on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for four consecutive years and a top rating from the Climate Performance Leadership for activities related to climate change.

    We do all of these things not to win awards but because they are the right things to do. These actions embody our responsibility to our planet, our customers and our future.

    Corporate Citizenship, Leadership, Sustainability, Thought Leaders

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    With another HIMSS Conference behind us, it is a great time to reflect on how the healthcare industry, and healthcare IT in particular, has evolved over the years.  In my experience in this industry – approximately 18 years in the healthcare IT business – things have changed dramatically.  My earliest memory of the HIMSS Conference from late nineties was its focus on HIPAA.  And with the passage of the legislation in 1996, administrative simplification, and implementing the ability to electronically submit claims for payment in a standardized HIPAA-compliant format, was the key messaging at the event.   Today, most of us think of security when hearing the word HIPAA, but in the early stages of the legislation it was really more about improving the process of claim submission and payment, and moving away from paper claims.  (more…)

    From Our Experts, Solutions

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    No Rest For The Treasure Trove

    , U.S. Legal Practice Director, All Covered

    legal pic

    As high-profile breaches continue to increase and flood the news every week, so does attention to the growing concern of protecting all types of data. Hackers have discovered that one of the easiest routes to a corporation’s data is through third parties. (more…)

    Content Management, From Our Experts, Security, Solutions, Strategy

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    ECM2 (2)

    When it comes time to implement your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, there are some areas in which we see many businesses make mistakes. Making the transition to your ECM solution should be a smooth, well-planned process minus any headaches. Don’t fall prey to the following five mistakes that are commonly made which will only make the transition more challenging than necessary. (more…)

    Content Management, From Our Experts, Solutions, Strategy, Technology

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    The Journey Toward Empowerment

    , Vice President, Strategic Business Development


    A year ago, we made a promise to the women of Konica Minolta to help them advance in their careers.

    A year ago, Step Forward was created to do just that.

    I am so proud of this initiative, both personally and as the executive sponsor, to be able to offer a forum to empower women at all career levels. Step Forward has opened doors, started conversations, shined a light on where we are and where we need to go. (more…)

    Corporate Citizenship, Leadership, Thought Leaders

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    To develop and deepen our relationships with you, we must understand your needs.   The best way to do that is to ask.  At Konica Minolta, we capture this “Voice of the Customer” in a number of ways.  One of these methods is through a variety of customer surveys.

    Our annual customer experience survey is a relationship survey that puts a finger on the pulse of our customers like you at a specific point in time. It also serves as a window into the health of our relationship with you.  We conduct customer experience surveys for different audiences, including office product customers, print production customers and our dealers. (more…)

    Customer Experience, From Our Experts, Marketing, Strategy

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    Improving the Competitive Edge for the AEC Industry

    , President, Enterprise Content Management

    ECM2 (2)

    Since the 1980s, computer aided design (CAD) software has been a critical component of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. These systems – including Autodesk®, Dassault Systèmes and Bentley Systems® – are used for designing and engineering plans/blueprints for products and building projects. Within their CAD systems, engineers can view a design from any angle with the click of a mouse and zoom in or out. For many organizations, their CAD system is a core business system from which their business processes revolve around. Using CAD software is more than just producing drawings though. Today’s projects also include contract specifications, change requests and purchasing documents. The challenge is that most of these supporting documents are stored separately, either in different physical places or on network file shares, so it’s hard for companies to get that complete picture of a project. That’s why an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is so helpful for AEC companies. (more…)

    Content Management, From the Experts, Solutions, Technology

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