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  • World-Environment-Day-Save-Earth1What can we do about global warming? That’s the question individuals, corporations and organizations are being challenged to ponder today in honor of World Environment Day 2017. Celebrated annually, World Environment Day is the United Nations’ annual push to promote awareness and action for the protection of our planet.


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    Creating Global Change Starting in Our Communities

    , Executive Vice President and General Counsel


    Volunteering at MEVO farm in Mahwah, NJ.

    Our world is facing countless challenges, from poverty and food insecurity to climate change. Solutions are needed, but we’re often left wondering how we can help. I believe that each of us can make a positive change in our world, starting right where we are.

    I’m proud to work for a company that’s using its resources to create social change. Konica Minolta’s commitment to society is shared by employees all over the world, stemming from its management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value.” Corporations are in a unique position to make a difference with resources like in-kind and monetary donations and employee volunteer time. Through programs like the “3 Green Activities” and the “Clean Planet Program,” Konica Minolta and more than 43,000 employees in 150 countries have been enacting change for years on a global level.


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    Doing Our Part to Preserve the Planet

    , Executive Vice President and General Counsel

    Our planet is changing. Extreme winters, record-breaking droughts, up to 2,000 animal species becoming extinct each year.Earth Day

    April 22, 2015 marks Earth Day’s 45th anniversary.

    In today’s eco-conscious world, it’s hard to imagine that before 1970, there were few to any laws or regulations to protect the environment.

    On the first Earth Day, more than 20 million Americans demonstrated in cities across the country to demand a cleaner planet. In December 1970 Congress authorized the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to address environmental issues.

    Today, environmental sustainability and climate change are part of a global conversation. With global warming occurring at a startling rate, citizens from all aspects of society are taking steps to ensure a habitable planet for future generations.

    As a company that aims to create new value for society, Konica Minolta is thinking about the environment and the future of our planet.


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    Sporting a ’stache for Movember

    , Executive Vice President and General Counsel


    There was more facial hair than usual last month at Konica Minolta offices across the country. While some may have thought this was a new fashion trend, in reality nearly 300 employees were participating in “Movember.” This movement began as a small fundraiser nearly 15 years ago and has grown into a global tradition.

    During Movember, (formally known as November), men are encouraged to grow a moustache to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. Women also participate by encouraging the men in their lives to grow moustaches and by spreading awareness. Spearheaded by the Movember Foundation, more than $559 million has been raised to fund 832 men’s health programs in 21 countries since its establishment.


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