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  • The 4 Pillars of PROKOM

    , Marketing Manager, Production Print Solutions and Services

    It’s important to keep learning.

    I’ve been a teacher and a student all my life. It’s a passion that I’ve been fortunate to feed throughout my career, teaching at the college level at Pratt Institute and New York City College of Technology, where I was able to expand students’ portfolios in the graphic communications space.

    These were young adults just starting their careers, whether in digital printing press systems or software. But, even us older dogs can learn some new tricks. Regardless of the amount of time Prokom Conference Logo 01 largeyou’ve been in your job, it’s important to constantly learn and grow.

    That’s one of the reasons that Konica Minolta as created PROKOM, a professional community for innovation in print and digital media. PROKOM provides practical support and advice from industry experts and a platform to connect, learn and grow with like-minded people and businesses. Everyone in the graphic communications industry can join.

    PROKOM started as a vision about three years ago, when I started digging with Melissa Prew, our customer experience manager, into the results for our customer survey for our production print clients. One thing became very clear: our clients wanted us to be more than a vendor; they wanted a true partnership. They wanted technology training and business development advice.


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    G7 Certification Across Offset and Digital Technologies

    , Marketing Manager, Production Print Solutions and Services

    Successful marketers understand that choosing the right color for your brand, logo, packaging and printed materials can influence customers. Studies show that color is a factor in how customers perceive brands and what products they purchase. It’s no wonder that color accuracy and consistency are always on the minds of commercial printers.

    Not all color is created equal and commercial printers know that color consistency between systems can vary. The challenge for commercial printers is being able to guarantee their customers accurate color every time while offering the highest quality product at competitive pricing. (more…)

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