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  • Automate Color Quality At The Touch Of A Button

    IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer Ensures Consistent Color, Print To Print

    , Product Marketing Manager for Production Print

    Prior to my tenure at Konica Minolta, I worked in the graphic arts business designing all kinds of projects for various products and services.  Which is why I fit right in at Konica Minolta working to bring their production print products to market. Several years down the road and with a G7 certification under my belt, I now have an evolved respect for color. Not that I didn’t appreciate color and its use as a communication tool in graphic design. But, I now have a deeper understanding of the science behind color and the intricacies of managing color from screen to press; and why color has caused so many issues in the past for production printers who are serving graphic communicators and brand owners. (more…)