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  • 5 Traits of Effective Leadership

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    What makes a great leader?

    I use “leader” instead of “executive” because I believe that although many employees may be promoted into an executive position, not everyone can become a leader.

    That difference is critical to the success of a company. Effective leadership transforms a business.


    Leadership, Thought Leaders

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    Cancer Awareness: It’s personal

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    “You have cancer.”

    Those three words create a maelstrom of emotions. I know. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2009.

    Think PinkThanks to a conversation with Michael Leonczyk, who was Konica Minolta’s Chief Financial Officer at the time, I knew that my back pain and other symptoms needed immediate attention, despite the fact that I was getting on a plane in the morning for a family golf vacation. Michael had been battling kidney cancer for three months when I walked in to that Las Vegas emergency room. Doctors would remove my left kidney and a malignant tumor the size of a fist.

    Kidney cancer is a pass/fail disease. Caught early enough, it has a 97 percent cure rate. I was lucky. And, this past June, I marked five years of being cancer free. Mike was not lucky. He lost his battle after my diagnosis.

    Not a day goes by that I don’t thank him for that conversation back in 2009. I have a different perspective on the world. Having cancer changes what’s important.


    Corporate Citizenship, Leadership, Thought Leaders

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    A Global Perspective on Business Innovation

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    As I took my daughter Katy to the airport recently, I couldn’t help but marvel at her growth. A student at the University of San Diego, she participates in the school’s International Study program, which has given her the opportunity to live and learn in Florence, Paris, London and Cork. During her time in each city, she will have hands-on experience with international perspectives and cultures in preparation for her role as a global citizen.

    As a business leader, I see parallels with Konica Minolta’s place in a globally complex world. While the company headquarters are in Japan, less than 10,000 of our employees work there. The majority of our 41,800-strong workforce is spread across the globe, including our own North American headquarters here in Ramsey, NJ. (more…)

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    Ready. Set. Go! Wayne Taylor Racing Sponsorship

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    Konica Minolta-sponsored car for Wayne Taylor RacingOn Saturday, April 12, the Konica Minolta-sponsored No. 10 Chevrolet Corvette Dallara Daytona Prototype car placed second in the third round of the 2014 Tudor United SportsCar Championship.  This race, titled the Tequila Patron Sports Car Showcase, was part of the 40th annual Grand Prix of Long Beach Verizon IndyCar Series weekend and garnered a lot of attention from racing fans. It was also the debut of the Konica Minolta-sponsored car for Wayne Taylor Racing. (more…)

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    Our Focus on the Customer Experience (CX)

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    As a season ticket holder for the University of Kansas Jayhawk’s men’s basketball (my alma mater) team, I was struck by the high level of customer touch that transcended beyond the game. After attending the January 11, 2014 game, where the Jayhawks effortlessly claimed an 86-60 victory over Kansas State, the university did something I never expected. They sent me a personal email inquiring if I enjoyed the game. While already an engaged customer, this added “touch” sealed the deal that I would be a repeat customer next season. (more…)

    Customer Experience, Leadership, Solutions, Technology, Thought Leaders