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  • Lessons Learned From COVID-19: Tips For CEOs To Successfully Navigate The New Normal

    An Essential Checklist For Surviving A Pandemic And Beyond

    , Chief Operating Officer

    There is no denying it: the first half of 2020 has been rife with uncertainty. Leaving businesses, employees, and leaders having to adapt to working in the unknown, and yet still be accountable to find ways to thrive. For myself and the fellow Konica Minolta leadership team, it was a strong ‘wake-up call’ to take an analytical look at what we have been prioritizing, and to make sure the decisions we make can support not only our customers, but our employees, dealers, and partners too, through these trying times. (more…)

    From Our Experts

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    This latest acquisition is exciting because it positions Konica Minolta as a full-service provider to the dealer channel with the extension of FORZA in addition to managed IT services, enterprise content management, voice over IP (VoIP), multi-function devices and industrial print. (more…)



    Enterprise Content Management is hot right now. And for good reason.

    As more and more companies realize they have to pay greater attention to information management, security and compliance of data, the realm of ECM is poised for exponential growth. Legacy paper-based systems provide limited value and clearly do not meet the stringent security requirements necessary in today’s workplace.


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    mobilityLove them or hate them, we’re all tied to our mobile phones. They’re a way of life now, able to keep us connected to family, work and Candy Crush.

    Thanks to that connectivity, we are a mobile workforce, able to do our jobs from anywhere. You may take mobile services for granted, but we don’t. In fact, Konica Minolta is once again leading the industry by identifying and meeting the growing needs of customers who require the ability to efficiently capture, share, manage and transform their most-critical needs whether on the road or in the office. Our innovations allow employees to manage and control work on the go, thereby meeting the evolving demands of today’s business world.


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    Over the past five years, we have enhanced our Managed Print Services capabilities both domestically and globally to meet growing market requirements. The Holy Grail, if you will, of market acceptance is to achieve the Leader position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.   After significant effort, Konica Minolta is now positioned in the Leader quadrant for MPS!

    Interesting that this year, Gartner has also included Managed Content Services as a new capability in addition to existing MPS criteria for positioning in the quadrant. The consolidation of MPS and MCS is in perfect alignment with Konica Minolta’s services strategy! (more…)

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    I travel on a very-frequent basis to support Konica Minolta. I am a road warrior by definition and have all the credentials to prove it: Global Status on United Airlines and Platinum Elite with Marriott.   In order to achieve and maintain this status level, I travel anywhere between 150-200K miles per year with United Airlines and stay 75+ nights with Marriott. But this has nothing and everything to do with this article! (more…)

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    Managed Print Service (MPS) offerings have matured and customer expectations drive well beyond the simple cost consolidation and fleet optimization offered in the past.

    When we launched our Optimized Print Services (OPS) back in 2008, customers were mainly concerned about cost management and reducing print assets. While this remains a key driver, customers now expect their strategic partner to combine consultancy, workflow efficiencies, print fleet optimization, software integration, service and support for hardware and implementation services. (more…)

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    At Konica Minolta, we talk a lot about staying ahead of the curve and getting to know our customers, but I want to explain what this really means for us. Let’s look at another company that executed this strategy well:

    Apple wasn’t the first company to develop a product like the iPod.  Two companies brought products to market before Apple that were both elegant and functional, but Apple hit a home run when they combined hardware with iTunes software and the service of providing content.  This unique combination responded to a customer demand that is legendary today.

    Similarly, we are organizing Konica Minolta to deliver a service-driven strategy and ultimately, to bring comprehensive solutions to customers. As our business transforms, we will continue to focus on customers’ business needs first, by understanding the industry and the unique business challenges. (more…)

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    For years Konica Minolta has been working to help law firms, corporations and government agencies achieve efficiencies.  Our EnvisionIT Legal Portfolio combines professional services, IT Services, industry leading software and hardware to help legal professionals work smarter and more productively while meeting their industry’s unique document and security challenges.

    At the recent LegalTech 2014 conference at the Hilton New York, I was asked about the evolution of IT services in the legal space and its benefits. Konica Minolta’s All Covered IT Services division has seen a resurgence in law firms investing in IT resources.  Firms are looking at their IT infrastructure and how it helps  to speed access to information while meeting security and compliance requirements.  This includes secure and easy access to content in any form including hard-copy and electronic document images. (more…)

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