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  • Debut Of The AccurioWide Wide Format Printers

    , Manager, Product Marketing, Specialty and Wide Format Products

    As a contributor within the product management team for Konica Minolta for over the past 11 years, I have launched many types of products from office workgroup MFPs, desktop scanners, production printers and many wide format products. However, wide format products are the roots of my product management experience and nothing has been more exciting for me than to launch the first ever Konica Minolta branded wide format printers, AccurioWide. It is one thing to launch a third-party product, but a whole different level of experience and passion to build out a product line from day 1 planning a couple of years ago through the product launch and beyond. (more…)



    Why We Need the Digital Inkjet Press

    , Manager, Product Marketing, Specialty and Wide Format Products

    Almost four years have passed since the last PRINT show – a very long time in the graphic communications industry and an even longer time in the technology market. Today, print production providers are challenged to take on a new and exciting marketplace as more and more businesses realize that specific, targeted messaging can increase the propensity for consumers to make purchases. As a result, digital print has experienced phenomenal growth as an excellent means to deliver such specifically targeted campaigns.  And this growth will only increase with time. (more…)

    From Our Experts, Technology

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