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  • Automate Color Quality At The Touch Of A Button

    IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer Ensures Consistent Color, Print To Print

    , Product Marketing Manager for Production Print

    Lisa Salerno

    Product Marketing Manager for Production Print

    Lisa Salerno is a Product Marketing Manager for Production Print and a certified G7 Expert with over 20 years of experience in graphic communications and industrial print. She has launched numerous Konica Minolta products, focusing on color production print products for the last four years. Prior to her position at Konica Minolta, Lisa worked as a graphic artist holding positions in commercial printing, publishing, and graphic design studios.


    Prior to my tenure at Konica Minolta, I worked in the graphic arts business designing all kinds of projects for various products and services.  Which is why I fit right in at Konica Minolta working to bring their production print products to market. Several years down the road and with a G7 certification under my belt, I now have an evolved respect for color. Not that I didn’t appreciate color and its use as a communication tool in graphic design. But, I now have a deeper understanding of the science behind color and the intricacies of managing color from screen to press; and why color has caused so many issues in the past for production printers who are serving graphic communicators and brand owners.

    For years, offset printing was the standard for color quality. The output of a toner-based press was always compared to offset quality especially when it came to color matching and consistency.  Now, most high-end dry toner presses can produce a wider color gamut than an offset press with stunning color and image quality that rivals the best an offset press could produce. However, dry toner based printing presses still suffer from some of the same color management issues, such as:

    • inconsistent color from print to print;
    • difficulty matching Pantone solid colors;
    • lengthy press color calibration times.

    With that in mind, the talented engineers at Konica Minolta developed the perfect solution to automate color and image control ꟷ the IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer! This in-line, closed-loop quality control system ensures that the color from the first print in a run matches the very last. In addition, the system automatically handles front to back registration for duplexing. Again, this in-line system runs at the press rated speed and requires no operator intervention. Simply put – there is no need to manually measure output part way through the print run with a spectrophotometer to see if your printed output is still on target.

    One-Step Automated Adjustment Feature

    Our production print customers see an immediate benefit and return on investment from the IQ-501. Field tests have shown that our customers using the IQ-501 to automatically adjust gamma, balance density, run G7 calibration, and match front to back registration at the push of a button takes about 15 minutes. A highly skilled digital press operator would need a minimum of 45 minutes and a spectrophotometer to do the same. Imagine the benefits an AccurioPress paired with the IQ-501 offers:

    • automate color and registration maintenance;
    • eliminate the need for time-consuming color management by highly trained employees;
    • increase sellable printed output;
    • expand productivity and uptime;

    all leading to greater profit.

    Rethink Color

    When absolute color fidelity is needed, the IQ-501 delivers what production printers customers’ expect. Repeat customers are relying on their vendor partners to match color from project to project. Graphic elements, such as corporate logos or color-sensitive product photos will need to match from one print run to the next. Reorders of the same brochure or other collateral need to be identical in color to the original. That’s what is expected. And, the IQ-501 makes it possible, so your clients can rethink what is possible within digital print.

    Experience it Live

    In October, Konica Minolta will be exhibiting in booth #9536 at PRINTING United in Dallas, TX. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate an AccurioPress with the IQ-501. Our nearly 11,000 square feet of exhibit space is designed to bring to life the output of our impressive portfolio of products. It will be an experience to remember! Register now for a demonstration and receive a free pass to PRINTING United, courtesy of Konica Minolta.

    September 02, 2019