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    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    Rick Taylor

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Rick Taylor is responsible for corporate strategy and operations for Konica Minolta’s U.S. operations, leading more than 7600 employees. He oversees U.S. mergers and acquisitions, sales, service, marketing, administration, finance, and legal. Rick also serves on Konica Minolta’s Global Strategy Council focused on business transformation and growth strategies for Konica Minolta worldwide. Rick has been named “Executive of the Year” ten times in the Marketing Research Consultants’ annual industry survey of more than 300 independent office equipment dealers. He is an avid Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball fan.


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    As a season ticket holder for the University of Kansas Jayhawk’s men’s basketball (my alma mater) team, I was struck by the high level of customer touch that transcended beyond the game. After attending the January 11, 2014 game, where the Jayhawks effortlessly claimed an 86-60 victory over Kansas State, the university did something I never expected. They sent me a personal email inquiring if I enjoyed the game. While already an engaged customer, this added “touch” sealed the deal that I would be a repeat customer next season.

    The discipline of customer experience is around managing and enhancing each and every customer interaction. Our goal as an organization, and as individual contributors, is to focus not only on servicing the customer, but servicing the customer in a manner that exceeds expectations. As a leader in advanced document management technologies and IT services, our business requires us to be extremely customer centric when creating end-to-end business solutions. Coupled with our vertical industry insights, we have built a business of delivering an innovative combination of hardware, software and services. But, the manner in which we do this is what makes the difference.

    Our employees go above and beyond for our customers, making positive impacts on a daily basis. As an organization, we work together to shape all the cumulative experiences across multiple departments and touch points. Executed consistently over time, these touch points determine our repeat customers in the future.

    The Jayhawks ended the season this weekend with a 23-8 record, winning our conference. Like our customer experience strategy, I look forward to continued dominance from them in the NCAA tournament.

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    March 12, 2014

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