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  • Have a Happy Holiday, and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    Rick Taylor

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Rick Taylor is responsible for corporate strategy and operations for Konica Minolta’s U.S. operations, leading more than 7600 employees. He oversees U.S. mergers and acquisitions, sales, service, marketing, administration, finance, and legal. Rick also serves on Konica Minolta’s Global Strategy Council focused on business transformation and growth strategies for Konica Minolta worldwide. Rick has been named “Executive of the Year” ten times in the Marketing Research Consultants’ annual industry survey of more than 300 independent office equipment dealers. He is an avid Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball fan.


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    Xmas Image 2

    The holidays are a time of joy and goodwill. Never have those sentiments been as necessary as now.

    We hear every day of tragedy and hatred. Events that make us wonder what has happened to humanity. It is very easy to allow these actions to negatively impact our lives. It is very easy to close ourselves off and live in fear and doubt.

    But that is not our way. I see every day how every one of you continues to embody what is good about this world. Your kindnesses are simple: holding the elevator or paying for a colleague’s coffee. Your kindnesses are large: embracing the myriad corporate citizenship initiatives that we support. From growing beards to planting gardens, collecting books to stuffing backpacks, with each gesture, each effort to lend a hand, you make it known that Konica Minolta cares about every person on this planet.

    That is a key differentiator between us and many other organizations. We embrace our differences and meld our cultures. We invite our Japanese colleagues to our Thanksgiving tables. We collaborate on videos with our colleagues in other countries. While others around the world seek to eradicate those who are different, we embrace our diversity.

    We embody good through our work, too. As we solidify our position as our customers’ strategic partner, as we create the workplace of the future, we are developing the technology that will support and enhance our customers’ business strategy. We can help them answer the question, “What should your business look like in three years?” That answer will be predicated by our innovation, our expertise and our guidance. We can truly help them achieve their goals! If that customer happens to be a hospital or a cancer research center, all the better for us and humanity as a whole.

    In every one of our actions, I see us striving to develop innovative strategies and actions that create value to both our customers and society. Because each of us takes this concept to heart, I know that we can and will spread the goodness within each of us to everyone around us.

    I have always believed that “it is better to give than to receive”! Perhaps that is because I have received so much more in my life than I have been able to give back! But I am personally determined to not give up on my endeavor. The blessings of my holiday will be writing that check to charity, helping a friend in need or the simple pleasure of watching my family and friends open gifts that express the love I have for them all!

    Those acts, I see, are our gifts to the world.

    Peace to you and yours this holiday season.

    December 22, 2015

    Leadership, Thought Leaders

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