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  • From the Show Floor at LegalTech 2014

    , Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development

    Sam Errigo

    Executive Vice President
    Sales and Business Development

    Sam Errigo is responsible for Dealer and Direct Sales, Enterprise Accounts and Government Markets. Sam has been featured as an author and subject matter expert in numerous industry publications throughout his career, and is best known for his insightful vision in the on-demand market space, and for his ability to apply his strong technical background into everyday printing applications. Sam is an Officer and Board of Directors member for Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc.


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    For years Konica Minolta has been working to help law firms, corporations and government agencies achieve efficiencies.  Our EnvisionIT Legal Portfolio combines professional services, IT Services, industry leading software and hardware to help legal professionals work smarter and more productively while meeting their industry’s unique document and security challenges.

    At the recent LegalTech 2014 conference at the Hilton New York, I was asked about the evolution of IT services in the legal space and its benefits. Konica Minolta’s All Covered IT Services division has seen a resurgence in law firms investing in IT resources.  Firms are looking at their IT infrastructure and how it helps  to speed access to information while meeting security and compliance requirements.  This includes secure and easy access to content in any form including hard-copy and electronic document images.

    With all the complexities this creates, firms need to think about how they successfully execute on a technology strategy. This is where All Covered and our staff of systems architects provide insight on leading technology that assist legal professionals with the advancement of their IT infrastructure.  The end result is to deliver a streamlined workflow process that delivers a competitive advantage as is supported by a leading IT services provider..  At All Covered, we have experts who understand the demands of the legal profession and consult with firms to ensure that they have the right information architecture in place that balances the cost performance with the deliverables they need for a secure infrastructure.  As a result, we see more firms looking at virtualization technologies, cloud services and advanced security solutions.  Virtualization and cloud technologies help reduce hardware costs, improve systems flexibility and access to information as well as provide additional data security options for law firms (see related blog post of benefits of Cloud Services).

    I was also asked “what makes the Konica Minolta offering different?”  This is simple – we offer a complete solution of software, hardware and services tailored for the legal industry.  We partner with industry leading software companies around document management, case management and workflow software. By coupling our technology with proven industry software and IT services, we are able to provide a comprehensive legal solution with the support firms needed to manage and maintain it.

    Watch my LegalTech video to see the full interview.

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    February 27, 2014

    Leadership, Security, Solutions, Thought Leaders

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