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    , Education Practice Director, All Covered

    Mobile technology has changed the way people work, learn and communicate. Over the past few years, enterprise IT departments have embraced mobile technology and supported BYOD (bring your own device) policies. However, the mobile discussion isn’t limited to business. With 78 percent of teenagers using mobile devices, school districts have joined the BYOD conversation.

    Leveraging mobile technology in the classroom helps engage students and makes learning more interactive. It is transforming the way students learn. It is also means that school districts need to adapt their IT infrastructure and policies to support a range of mobile devices and new online learning or social media tools.

    Educators and district IT departments face important questions: Should students be allowed to connect to school networks using their own devices?  How do we support a one-to-one device initiative across the district? Can our IT infrastructure support new users? What social media or online learning tools will be supported? How can we manage and secure the content that students access?

    With more educational tools moving online and digital content growing, school districts need a comprehensive technology strategy. Today’s most advanced classrooms no longer rely on printed books, worksheets or written tests. Teacher-approved content is online, homework assignments and tests are digital and feedback is provided using online comments. To be successful, teachers and students need all-in-one solutions to organize, manage and share digital content across multiple devices in real-time.

    All Covered, Konica Minolta’s IT Services division, has launched an Education Suite of solutions and services designed to help K-12 schools advance technology-based curriculums, comply with standards and improve student performance. We have strategic partnerships with companies such as PassTheNotes, SchoolBrains, Hapara, Promethean and Tableau Software that enable schools to meet high-level objectives to improve educational outcomes.  Our highly experienced educators and technology experts help school districts design, implement and support their technology based curriculum vision – including BYOD initiatives.

    Contact us today to learn more about how All Covered can help your school district meet current and future technology challenges.

    May 22, 2014

    From Our Experts, Solutions, Technology

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