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  • Earlier this year I attended a program at the Connecticut Forum entitled “Disruption! Innovators in business, media and culture,” and was reminded that disruption is happening in all industries in diverse ways. The Forum’s preface suggested that the disruption that we have heard about is connected to “disruptive innovation,” a term coined by Clayton M. Christensen to mean “when a small company with fewer resources can successfully challenge incumbent businesses.” Facebook, Netflix and Amazon were cited as examples. Basically, it’s a new idea that prompts a shift in an industry, giving us a new way to operate. (more…)

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    Robot Rick

    Rick Taylor finally got his wish.

    During his remarks opening the first day of Konica Minolta’s national Dealer Conference, Rick got to play out a boyhood dream: having a robot deliver him a note and a Snickers. Just like Rosie the Robot in his favorite cartoon, “The Jetsons,” the robot Savioke was ready to deliver whatever its “master” needed.

    In keeping with the conference’s theme, “The Art of Disruption,” Rick also mentioned Knightscope, a company that addresses data and fiscal security and uses … robots.

    For those keeping score, that’s one Rick and two robots.


    Day 1 keynote speaker Robert Herjavec, entrepreneur and lead shark on ABC’s Emmy-winning “Shark Tank,” gave the crowd some food for thought.

    “Growth is a process of innovation” and “The art of selling yourself can be part of the disruption.”

    Exactly why #KMDisrupts.

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