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  • In 2016, I was selected as a finalist for the Ben Hogan Award. That was my junior year at the University of Texas. I won six college tournaments and only finished outside the top 10 once during the season. Needless to say, it was a breakout year. Looking back, it’s even more eye opening than when I first accomplished it. (more…)


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    Follow Your Passion in the Spirit of Giving

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    Golf is my passion. I like what golf can teach the individual.

    Integrity: Golf is unique in that the players call penalties on themselves.

    How to recover from adversity: Golf and life have bad lies, bad bounces and uncontrollable conditions. How you react, recover and prevail against adversity is a great lesson.

    Etiquette: Golfers take turns, keep quiet while others are taking their shot and dress appropriately. Not bad advice in business.

    Charity: The PGA tour has contributed more than $8 million to local charities!


    Leadership, Thought Leaders

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