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  • A Global Perspective on Business Innovation

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    As I took my daughter Katy to the airport recently, I couldn’t help but marvel at her growth. A student at the University of San Diego, she participates in the school’s International Study program, which has given her the opportunity to live and learn in Florence, Paris, London and Cork. During her time in each city, she will have hands-on experience with international perspectives and cultures in preparation for her role as a global citizen.

    As a business leader, I see parallels with Konica Minolta’s place in a globally complex world. While the company headquarters are in Japan, less than 10,000 of our employees work there. The majority of our 41,800-strong workforce is spread across the globe, including our own North American headquarters here in Ramsey, NJ. (more…)

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    I started in this industry in 1997 after four years at Merrill Lynch, a brief stint in a computer depot repair company, and on the heels of just finishing graduate school. It was at the time when digital copiers were just starting to replace analog and the Motorola DynaTAC “brick” cell phone (quite the status symbol when Michael Douglas wielded it in the movie “Wall Street”) was being replaced by the newer, more compact, Motorola StarTAC flip phone. It was all about hardware and having the latest and greatest gadget, processor, beeper … you name it. Then, with the founding of Netscape, AOL, Prodigy and CompuServe, the internet era took off, proliferating the “world wide web” in households and penetrating the mainstream office environment. (more…)

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    Addressing the Cross Media Marketing Challenge

    , VP/GM, Industrial Print and Graphic Communications

    These days, consumer analytics and big data help marketers develop highly targeted and customized campaigns for reaching buyers. This means that marketing campaigns are more complex, with the goal of reaching a target audience using the individual’s preferred medium — email, mobile, social media or traditional print.  Rarely do I talk with marketers who are only using traditional print approaches – it’s all about multichannel campaigns. They are executing on  campaigns that leverage variable data variable images, QR codes and PURLs, depending on the channel – social media, email, or mail. See “One to One Marketing – Its All About the Data” (My Print Resource).

    Many of the print service providers I visit are looking to transform their business to offer new services that directly address the challenge of cross media marketing. By aligning with marketing departments and investing in new technology solutions,  these printers are able to expand their businesses and better meet their customer’s needs. (more…)

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    Focusing on Print: Beyond Technology

    , Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

    Our industry is rapidly evolving to a solutions and services business model that focuses on technology and business process optimization along with hardware. The graphics communication segment of our business is no exception and is one that will receive particular attention from Konica Minolta in 2014.

    As we witnessed during Print 2013, graphics communication customers are demanding increasingly sophisticated, comprehensive solutions to enhance performance and productivity, as well as to improve the competitiveness of their business.  Whether in commercial print or in-plant print shops, there is a major drive to increase internal process efficiency and expand offerings into new market segments.  The effect of this trend is that increasingly we are playing a consulting role with our customers to help identify opportunities to enhance their business process and generate new offerings for their end users. (more…)

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    At Konica Minolta, we talk a lot about staying ahead of the curve and getting to know our customers, but I want to explain what this really means for us. Let’s look at another company that executed this strategy well:

    Apple wasn’t the first company to develop a product like the iPod.  Two companies brought products to market before Apple that were both elegant and functional, but Apple hit a home run when they combined hardware with iTunes software and the service of providing content.  This unique combination responded to a customer demand that is legendary today.

    Similarly, we are organizing Konica Minolta to deliver a service-driven strategy and ultimately, to bring comprehensive solutions to customers. As our business transforms, we will continue to focus on customers’ business needs first, by understanding the industry and the unique business challenges. (more…)

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    Our Focus on the Customer Experience (CX)

    , President and Chief Executive Officer

    As a season ticket holder for the University of Kansas Jayhawk’s men’s basketball (my alma mater) team, I was struck by the high level of customer touch that transcended beyond the game. After attending the January 11, 2014 game, where the Jayhawks effortlessly claimed an 86-60 victory over Kansas State, the university did something I never expected. They sent me a personal email inquiring if I enjoyed the game. While already an engaged customer, this added “touch” sealed the deal that I would be a repeat customer next season. (more…)

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    bizhubmarketplaceThe idea of installing apps to customize electronics has quickly spread from mobile devices and personal tablets, to broader categories of technologies including office equipment.

    Printers aren’t newcomers to the world of apps.  Mobile printing technology such as Konica Minolta’s PageScope Mobile – which could be considered a type of “app” – has been around for a while, but the innovation and popularity of touchscreen control panels has permitted further expansion of apps for printers.

    Launched in January of 2013, Konica Minolta’s bizhub MarketPlace aims to deliver a more personalized MFP experience to customers.  Offering a wide range of options to enhance performance, the bizhub MarketPlace features apps that fall into two main categories – value-add apps that drive productivity, and apps that offer convenient access to desired information. (more…)

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    Making Security a Non-Issue

    , Product Marketing Manager

    Protecting sensitive electronic information is of greater concern than ever before.  For those in industries such as legal or healthcare, the need to protect information from unauthorized access is even more critical given the demands of both governmental and organizational security regulations.   And while most of us are aware of the need to protect our intranets, electronic file databases, email systems, etc., not all of us are aware of the need to also protect our peripheral devices from potential security risks.

    At the simplest level, many organizations have shared printers that allow employees to print from their desk and retrieve their printed materials from the device.  This often entails weeding through a pile of print outs and allowing others to view – or even take – sensitive information.  In addition, media continue to cast light on the subject of whether peripheral devices save printed/scanned/copied materials on a hard drive that can later be accessed.

    So how can you make certain your valuable data is safe from these threats? (more…)

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    3 Key Ways to Simplify Integration

    , Director, Solutions Planning, BIS

    When the time comes to select peripherals or consolidate your organization’s document management processes, you may worry that once you find the right solution, implementation will be a huge burden on the entire organization.  In addition to the time it takes to install the new solution, there is also the training and learning curve time necessary to get it up and running.

    To avoid potential downtime, selecting the right solution provider is a key ingredient. The following are three considerations when selecting a service provider to help simplify the integration process: (more…)

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