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  • Is Monochrome Printing Dead?

    , Product Marketing Manager

    Is Monochrome Printing Dead?

    To answer this affirmatively would be like saying the world could only be seen in color. Think of photographer Ansel Adams, who was able to express a wide range of bold, expressive tones in his classic black-and-white American landscapes and scenic photographs. We believe that the simplicity and functional purpose of monochrome printing will always remain a portion of the marketplace, just as there will always be a place for the timeless beauty of classic black–and-white imagery in our wide world of color.


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    Addressing the Cross Media Marketing Challenge

    , VP/GM, Industrial Print and Graphic Communications

    These days, consumer analytics and big data help marketers develop highly targeted and customized campaigns for reaching buyers. This means that marketing campaigns are more complex, with the goal of reaching a target audience using the individual’s preferred medium — email, mobile, social media or traditional print.  Rarely do I talk with marketers who are only using traditional print approaches – it’s all about multichannel campaigns. They are executing on  campaigns that leverage variable data variable images, QR codes and PURLs, depending on the channel – social media, email, or mail. See “One to One Marketing – Its All About the Data” (My Print Resource).

    Many of the print service providers I visit are looking to transform their business to offer new services that directly address the challenge of cross media marketing. By aligning with marketing departments and investing in new technology solutions,  these printers are able to expand their businesses and better meet their customer’s needs. (more…)

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    G7 Certification Across Offset and Digital Technologies

    , Marketing Manager, Production Print Solutions and Services

    Successful marketers understand that choosing the right color for your brand, logo, packaging and printed materials can influence customers. Studies show that color is a factor in how customers perceive brands and what products they purchase. It’s no wonder that color accuracy and consistency are always on the minds of commercial printers.

    Not all color is created equal and commercial printers know that color consistency between systems can vary. The challenge for commercial printers is being able to guarantee their customers accurate color every time while offering the highest quality product at competitive pricing. (more…)

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    Focusing on Print: Beyond Technology

    , Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

    Our industry is rapidly evolving to a solutions and services business model that focuses on technology and business process optimization along with hardware. The graphics communication segment of our business is no exception and is one that will receive particular attention from Konica Minolta in 2014.

    As we witnessed during Print 2013, graphics communication customers are demanding increasingly sophisticated, comprehensive solutions to enhance performance and productivity, as well as to improve the competitiveness of their business.  Whether in commercial print or in-plant print shops, there is a major drive to increase internal process efficiency and expand offerings into new market segments.  The effect of this trend is that increasingly we are playing a consulting role with our customers to help identify opportunities to enhance their business process and generate new offerings for their end users. (more…)

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    Monochrome MFPs – Still Selling and Strong

    , Senior Vice President, Product Management and Planning

    In a 2012 IDC report on MFP placements in the U.S., the market research firm showed that monochrome MFP sales far outnumbered color MFP sales.  IDC indicated that the total sales of B&W MFPs in 2012 reached 1,708,384 units, whereas sales of color MFPs totaled only 753,666.  That’s almost one million more B&W MFPs sold in the U.S. than color MFPs.

    As the data shows, monochrome MFP sales are still booming, and despite predictions that sales will decrease in 2013 and beyond, there are many reasons for the continued adoption of B&W devices. (more…)

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    Why We Need the Digital Inkjet Press

    , Manager, Product Marketing, Specialty and Wide Format Products

    Almost four years have passed since the last PRINT show – a very long time in the graphic communications industry and an even longer time in the technology market. Today, print production providers are challenged to take on a new and exciting marketplace as more and more businesses realize that specific, targeted messaging can increase the propensity for consumers to make purchases. As a result, digital print has experienced phenomenal growth as an excellent means to deliver such specifically targeted campaigns.  And this growth will only increase with time. (more…)

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    3 Key Ways to Simplify Integration

    , Director, Solutions Planning, BIS

    When the time comes to select peripherals or consolidate your organization’s document management processes, you may worry that once you find the right solution, implementation will be a huge burden on the entire organization.  In addition to the time it takes to install the new solution, there is also the training and learning curve time necessary to get it up and running.

    To avoid potential downtime, selecting the right solution provider is a key ingredient. The following are three considerations when selecting a service provider to help simplify the integration process: (more…)

    Content Management, Customer Experience, From Our Experts

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    Digital Printing Increases Profits

    , Manager of Product Marketing, Production Print

    A growing number of commercial printers find it difficult to turn a profit with traditional offset work, especially for short runs. They are looking to expand their services and efficiencies to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace – one of the many reasons to invest in digital press technology.

    With digital presses, commercial printers can offer customers high-quality, short run printing with faster turnaround times. They can increase profits by eliminating the labor costs associated with preparing and running an offset press. Job setup time is also drastically reduced and reprints are easier on digital presses.

    Additionally, because the print quality on today’s digital press systems is comparable to offset, transitioning to digital is nearly seamless. Konica Minolta’s digital presses offer precise color matching with offset presses using our Color Care technology. This software allows printers to quickly and easily measure and match colors. Color Care allows the printer to choose which output device to use – offset or digital – based on run length, without inconsistencies in image quality. (more…)

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