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  • Konica Minolta Achieves Gold EPEAT Ratings

    , Vice President, Government Sales and Marketing

    epeat-logoEveryone sees articles or news headlines referring to environmental issues. In some cases, they have to do with new standards needed for an industry and, in other cases, concerns about the long-term effects that can impact the environment.

    With all these conversations taking place, it makes me proud to work for a company like Konica Minolta that prides itself on creating new value in order to champion environmental protection and contribute solutions for many challenges facing our global society.

    Nowhere is our commitment more supported than with the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), a voluntary standard for product ratings.


    Corporate Citizenship, From Our Experts, Sustainability

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    As many of you know, environmental responsibility is a priority for us at Konica Minolta. For years we’ve been integrating environmental, economic and social perspectives into our corporate strategy, and our commitment has resulted in innovative green technologies, extensive recycling programs, solar energy initiatives and much more.

    As a company that specializes in printing devices, we are particularly concerned with the efficient use of paper. While reducing the amount of printed pages is an effective way to reduce your impact on the environment, there are many ways to print which are also ecofriendly. Here are some easy ways to print smart when printing is necessary. (more…)

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    2013 was a great year for Konica Minolta, from a business and social perspective.  As an organization committed to giving back on a global and local scale we are constantly seeking new opportunities to serve the needs of our communities, while shaping a more prosperous tomorrow.

    Our non-profit organization, the Konica Minolta Colorful Tomorrow Foundation, or the CTF, is focused on creating brighter futures for children and families across the US. The CTF had several successful initiatives in 2013, thanks to the support of our employees and friends. (more…)

    Corporate Citizenship, Leadership, Sustainability, Thought Leaders

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    Continued Efforts & Innovation in CSR Initiatives

    , Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

    aerial_shotOctober was an exciting month at our Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. headquarters in Ramsey, NJ. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we hosted the formal ribbon cutting of “Project Sunway.”  A 967,000 kWh solar energy system installed in the parking lots of Konica Minolta’s offices, Project Sunway will produce 15-18 percent of the energy needs for the buildings. Based on standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this project will offset the CO2 emissions from 132 passenger vehicles, or the electricity used by 84 homes per year. (more…)

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    Green Electronics, EPEAT and the US Government

    , Senior Vice President, Product Management and Planning

    Green electronics are in greater demand than ever, partly due to the federal government’s requirements surrounding the environmental impact of the electronics they purchase and use. Federal purchasers are now required to buy electronics listed on a global registry known as “EPEAT”. EPEAT requires that products meet criteria in eight environmental performance categories. These categories include factors such as the products packaging, its lifecycle and the types of materials it contains. Today, the US government is in compliance with the requirement that 95 percent of the products it purchases and uses meet the EPEAT standards. (more…)

    Corporate Citizenship, From Our Experts, Sustainability

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