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  • I love a well-kept yard and work very hard at hiring the right company to get my yard to look great. Admittedly, I don’t have the time or expertise to spend on my yard to keep it well-trimmed with beautiful beds, so I hire a service to do the job – better than I ever could. If I lived in a climate that got snow, I’d probably hire a plowing service to “shovel me out” – not because I can’t shovel or buy my own plow, but because someone else has the machinery to do it faster and better. (more…)

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    Over the past five years, we have enhanced our Managed Print Services capabilities both domestically and globally to meet growing market requirements. The Holy Grail, if you will, of market acceptance is to achieve the Leader position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.   After significant effort, Konica Minolta is now positioned in the Leader quadrant for MPS!

    Interesting that this year, Gartner has also included Managed Content Services as a new capability in addition to existing MPS criteria for positioning in the quadrant. The consolidation of MPS and MCS is in perfect alignment with Konica Minolta’s services strategy! (more…)

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    Managed Print Service (MPS) offerings have matured and customer expectations drive well beyond the simple cost consolidation and fleet optimization offered in the past.

    When we launched our Optimized Print Services (OPS) back in 2008, customers were mainly concerned about cost management and reducing print assets. While this remains a key driver, customers now expect their strategic partner to combine consultancy, workflow efficiencies, print fleet optimization, software integration, service and support for hardware and implementation services. (more…)

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    Looking Forward in the New Year

    , Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

    When we look forward to the next 12 months, the biggest challenge for technology providers in the imaging industry will be to adapt to a changing market landscape. In the past few years, the office technology business has continued to evolve to encompass all solutions and services that focus on documents. This includes print and production print as well as content management, workflow, mobile, social and the cloud.   Over the next few years, customers will continue to seek out providers that can deliver the solutions and services required to meet all of their document needs, and we would like to be on the cutting edge of that need.

    We see a lot of growth opportunities for Konica Minolta in 2014 as a result of our strategy to transform from a hardware-only provider to a company that provides solutions, services and hardware as part of its total package.  By expanding our EnvisionIT platform into new vertical markets, growing our software portfolio and investing in IT services, we are now able to offer multiple vertical customers a complete solution for managing their document needs, whether it is in printing, workflow or cloud-based document storage. (more…)

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    3 Key Ways to Simplify Integration

    , Director, Solutions Planning, BIS

    When the time comes to select peripherals or consolidate your organization’s document management processes, you may worry that once you find the right solution, implementation will be a huge burden on the entire organization.  In addition to the time it takes to install the new solution, there is also the training and learning curve time necessary to get it up and running.

    To avoid potential downtime, selecting the right solution provider is a key ingredient. The following are three considerations when selecting a service provider to help simplify the integration process: (more…)

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