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  • Redefining the Workplace

    Make the most of your office with tools to enable smarter decision making

    , Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence Services and Product Planning

    In September 1994, over 32,000 AT&T employees stayed home to work. This was the first large scale attempt at telecommuting – and a key turning point for exploring how far businesses could go in transforming the workplace. Prior to this, the workplace followed a 19th century model of work, focused on inputs and outputs, and a distinct lack of worker autonomy. (more…)

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    Coronavirus has Changed How we Collaborate, for Good

    How our Attitudes Toward Collaboration and Communication have been Impacted by Remote Work

    , Marketing Communications Director, North America and Global Research and Development

    A recent survey conducted by Citrix found that 78 percent of office workers believe full-time remote working will become more common after the COVID crisis has resolved. For the Marketing Communications team at Konica Minolta, we’re in month five of remote work, and as a group built on creativity, collaboration – and of course, communication – it was a jarring change to have this as our foreseeable future. (more…)

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    Managing Brand Culture In Distributed Workplaces

    , Assistant Manager for Marketing Communications

    When you hear the words ‘brand culture’, it’s not uncommon to conjure images of wacky campuses, team-building events and pictures of smiling teams. Over the last five years, particularly as Silicon Valley firms expanded like never before, there has been this unwritten rule that if you don’t have a physical representation of your brand, it’s not strong enough. But then COVID-19 hit, and that physical element was removed. So how do you manage brand culture when everyone is working remotely? (more…)

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